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Tudor Replica

Tudor Replica's designers have revived an almost forgotten tradition with a new timepiece featuring "Ottoman", or ancient Arabic numerals, on the dial. The new Tudor Replica timekeeper is made in a similar style to the pocket watches of old that were designed specifically for the Turkish market. It features a traditional enamel dial with a silver background, and has a small seconds counter at the bottom. The Tudor Replica Ottoman Enamel comes with a Swiss-made hand-wound mechanism that is visible on the back of the case.Swiss Replica Watches Hagen, a German manufacturer, allows for different finishes for both the case and movement. A basic version with a steel case and minimal movement finishes can be purchased for around $1500.

Watches with Ottoman Numerals in the Dial: Their OriginsHistorical records indicate that the Ottoman Sultans became interested in watches in the 16th Century when Western emissaries began bringing them as gifts. Around the beginning of the 18th Century, the interest in timepieces spread to the upper classes of the Ottoman Empire. In the following years, the demand for watches from Europe increased. Over time, the best watchmakers in the world (especially those from England and France), began to produce watches that were specifically adapted to the Ottoman taste.

These watchmakers included industry icons like Abraham-Louis Breguet and Piere LeRoy, who produced their timepieces featuring Ottoman dials towards the end of 18th century and beginning of 19th. In the late 19th century, the Prior brothers and Jacques Vully made similar products, along with brands such as Courvoiser & Cie and Blondel & Melly. These watches were unique to the region and had some characteristics that set them apart from other watches made at the same time. Pocket watches with enamel dials were particularly popular. It is also interesting to note that these timekeepers used to use a type of chapter ring that featured "Ottoman", or ancient Arabic numerals. These were similar to Latin numbers, as each number had a unique symbol. Even though we call the Arabic numerals that we use today "Arabic", in fact they are from India, and only Arabs brought them to the West. These watches were in demand and produced until the mid-1920s when the Ottoman Empire was transformed into the modern Republic of Turkey. The watches with Ottoman numbers were among the traditions that had been abandoned in the past.

Select the Custom Level FinishesThe new Tudor Replica pocket watch is a tribute to these watches, and it resembles their appearance. The front of the dial features Ottoman numerals, small seconds and a Swiss pocket watch movement. The Tudor Replica Ottoman Enamel clock is housed in a 42 mm diameter round housing. Its thickness is 11 mm. The basic version is a steel case with an onion-shaped dial. The brand of the German city Hagen offers its customers the option to choose from different types of finishes for the case and bezel (iwc ingenieur replica), along with different shapes of crowns.

The watch is surrounded by a fixed steel bezel with a glareproof coating at the bottom. Under the sapphire, a white enamel dial is attached to a sterling silver basis. The face is white with black numerals and minute track, and steel hands that are heat-blued.