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Chopard Replica

Chopard Replica High-PerformanceChopard Replica has combined all his experience over the past few years to create a true work of haute horology. The renowned watchmaker did an amazing job. The Chopard Replica High Performance Watch is a perfect example of how advanced technology can be found in every segment. From the intricate case construction to the highest quality materials, the skeletonized movement with its perfectly executed parts.

The hand-winding Caliber features an AP direct impulse escapement (developed for Audemars Piguet by APR&P) that ensures excellent chronometric results. (Chopard Replica). The AP escapement is equipped with two Elinvar spirals set in opposite directions. It oscillates at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations an hour. The direct action of the escapement wheel against a balancewheel provides greater efficiency. Double barrels and an optimized pressure angle on the wheels of the mechanism ensure excellent power transmission. A baseplate and bridges made of ARCAP are anti-magnetic and corrosion resistant. This material is commonly used in aerospace, automotive and advanced electronics industries.

The round case is made from platinum and is chamfered to give it a unique look. It is also polished, brushed and buffed. The complex architecture of the Chopard Replica High Performance watch is made up of four components. It is also extremely robust with a diameter of 50mm, just like most RM timepieces. This model comes in a limited edition of 10 pieces, and costs $905,000.

Chopard Replica Invention Piece 2. Chopard Replica's Invention Pieces pay tribute to their own horological innovations. IP2, the innovative IP2 watch, celebrates the Quadruple tourbillon in a new architectural design that puts all focus on its exclusive mechanism. The IP2 hand-winding mechanism is composed of 594 components and features two double tourbillons that are completely visible from every angle thanks to its asymmetrical 43.5mm case. Both the front and the back of the case are covered by asymmetrical convex-shaped sapphire. A lateral window, with a sapphire-shaped crystal, also allows an unusual look at the mechanism.Rolex Replica Watches The heart of the watch houses two double tourbillons, which are connected by a spherical difference. The inner tourbillon, when incline at 30degangle, completes one revolution per minute. Meanwhile, the outer tourbillon rotates once every 4 minutes.

The dial may appear chaotic, but it was probably the intention of the luxury watchmaker to create a unique aesthetic effect. You will soon realize that each part is in the right place. The rotating disk that hides the triple coaxial mainspring barrels is marked with a red triangle located at 5 o'clock. Small-seconds dial is located in the 10 o’clock position. It's just below the 56 hour power reserve indicator.

Invention Piece 2 comes in a Limited Edition of only 11 pieces. The case is made of 5N red gold with a polished bezel, and the centre band has a straight graining hand-finished. The raised engravings of the inventors are engraved on the hand-punched back case. The price of this extraordinary watch is also extraordinary at CHF730,000.